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Its common name is sweet basil or garden basil or Basilie.
Botanical or Latin name is Ocimum Basilicum. Its arabic name is Rihaan or Habaq.
This plant was used as an embalming herb in Ancient Egypt as it was mixed with essences of Myrrh and incense. It was also used as an offering to their Gods due to its aromatic fragrance.
In Egypt basil is planted in gardens where in the spring and early summer breeze it gives a most lavishing aroma as the wind passes its scent in the air.


This highly aromatic sweet herb has several medicinal uses. It is also very famous in Italian cuisines. Administered as a flavouring in food and sauces, dried leaves or an infusion.

Medicinal uses:
It is aromatic with carminative and cooling properties. The part of the plant that is above the ground is used medicinally.
It is used to treat mild nervous disorders, to lift fatigue, anxiety and depression. It strengthens concentration and clears the mind.
An infusion of basil is said to be good for obstructions of internal organs and in stopping vomiting and nausea. It helps in chest infections, bronchitis, colds and fever
It is used also in delayed menses as a tea, used for digestion and Used for headaches and migraines and a good insect repellent.
Basil has also been used for various topical applications - as a poultice or salve for insect bites, acne and ringworm; as a gargle or mouthwash for thrush; as a bath herb for increased energy; and as an eyewash for tired eyes.
The essential oil of Basil is added to massage oils for sore muscles. And the dried herb was burned as an antiseptic incense.

Culinary uses:
Mediterranean Basil is one of the most pleasant spices, fresh basil leaves have a strong and characteristic aroma, which is quite sweet with a hint of clove. Since the delicate aroma of basil is quickly destroyed by cooking, chopped basil leaves are frequently sprinkled over cold or warm dishes before serving.
The herb complements meat, vegetables, cheese, and egg dishes it is also gives a sweetscented, minty aroma when crumbled over baked chicken, lamb, or fish. It blends well with garlic, thyme, and oregano.


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