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This seed is also one of the strong aromatic herbs. Its common name is caraway seeds, yet we use the fruit naming it caraway fruit. Also it is called alcaravea. Its botanical name is Carum carvi.

It has also been used as a medicine since Egyptian times. Its Arabic name is Karaway, karawiya or karawiaa. It is a very common cultivated seed in Egypt.


It has medicinal and culinery uses.
It is an aromatic stimulant and carminative.it is widely used as a cordial to ease dyspepsia andhysteria. The oil is applied to traet flatulance and stomach disorders. Distilled caraway water is used to ease flatulant colic in infants and is an excellent children’s medicine. It is considered a traditional remedy for poor appetite, laryngitis and bronchitis.
The bruised fruits were used to remove pain from bad earache and was also used as a poultice to take away bruises.
It is usually administered as a liquid extract and poultice.
In the kitchen,Caraway is the spice that gives Southern German and Austrian foods, be it meat, vegetable or rye bread, their characteristic flavour. It is also popular in Scandinavia and particularily in the Baltic states.We use the whole fruits, but even the powder is strongly aromatic. Usage of the ground spice is a working compromise; another method is wrapping the fruits in a small piece of linen cloth (or simply a tea bag) so that it can be removed before serving.
Caraway seeds have the ability to neutralize meat dishes, promote digestion, stimulate the appetite. Apply a poultice of powdered seeds to heal bruises. Try taking a teaspoon of water with a few drops of essential oil to relieve flatulent indigestion.


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