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The Aloes were found in Egypt from a long time ago. It is still present in Egypt where some religious groups consider it a symbolic plant. Its Botanical name is Aloe Perryi or Aloe vera. Its common names are spiked aloes or cape aloes, also called Curacao or Socrotine aloes, first-aid herb, healing herb, medicine plant. Its Arabic name is Sabar.


Mostly the uses of Aloe are medicinal uses. The drug Aloes is one of the best and well known purgatives used. It is quite safe and exerts its action upon the large intestine in 15 to 18 hours. Also it is useful as a vermifuge.
It is a bitter tonic, laxative, or purgative according to dose, emmenagogue, antihelminthic, stomachic, hepatic and vermifuge (ascarides), used in constipation, dyspepsia, menstrual suppressions and piles.



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