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Cassia Fistula:

This tree is a magnificent exotic tree with beautiful yellow flowers. Historically known since the ancient Egyptians, its well known medicinal uses as a purgative gave it one of its common names purging fistula. Its botanical name is Cassia Fistula. Its common names are golden shower tree, canafistula, Indian Laburnum and purging cassia. Its Arabic name is Khiar Shamber


Medicinal uses.

The tree has been used medicinally since Egyptian times. The name pudding-pipe refers to the seed pods which contain a soft pulp. The fresh pods were used for their purging or laxative effect.

It has other many medicinal uses in different countries and cultures. The overall medicinal uses attributed to cassia fistula due to various laboratory studies are Antioxidant, mild estrogenic, antitumorous, Analgesic, Antiviral, Astringent, Choleretic, Febrifuge, Hypoglycemic, Hypercholesterolaemic, Laxative, Purgative, Vermifuge properties.

Other uses

It is used as a tropical ornamental tree with a trunck consisting of hard reddish wood, growing up to 40 feet tall.
The plant is being considered as a firewood source in Mexico. The reddish wood, hard and heavy,strong and durable, is suited for cabinetwork, farm implements, inlay work, posts, wheels, mortars, etc. The bark has been employed in tanning, often in conjunction with avaram.



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