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Celery is a plant comprising an herb and its seed that are both used for culinary and medicinal uses. Celery Seed is the dried fruit of Apium graviolens, a biennial in the parsley family. It was cultivated in the Mediterranean region since at least 3000 years. It is related, but not identical, to the vegetable celery plant. It common name is Smallage or Marsh Water Parsley, Garden Celery, Wild Celery. Its Arabic name is Karafs.



Celery seeds have many medicinal uses. Its actions include anti-rheumatic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, carminative, anti-spasmodic and nervine (promoting restfulness and sleep). It is also useful in hysteria.
Celery Seeds find their main use in the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis and gout. Celery Seed is most often taken to aid in the maintenance of healthy joints. It is suitable for anyone who wishes to reduce the degeneration of body joints that commonly occurs with age.
Celery Seed can also ease joint discomfort that occurs due to inflammation and is, in fact, mainly used for the relief of symptoms of such conditions as arthritis, rheumatism and gout. They are especially useful in rheumatoid arthritis where there is an associated mental depression. Their diuretic action is obviously involved in rheumatic conditions, but Celery Seeds are also used as a urinary antiseptic, largely because of the volatile oil, apiol.

Culinary uses:
The brown, characteristically aromatic, pungent seed is used in salads, soups, stews, vegetable dishes, meat dishes, and celery salt (a mixture of table salt and ground celery seed).
The essential oil and oleoresin of celery seed are used as a flavoring or fragrance in perfumes, and cosmetics, such as soaps, creams, and lotions. The odor is produced by the anhydrides, sedanoid, and sedanomic. It is administered as an Infusion; pour a cup of boiling water onto l-2 teaspoonfuls of freshly crushed seeds. Leave to infuse for l0-l5 minutes. This should be drunk three times a day.
Celery seed is generally recognized as safe for human consumption as a spice, natural seasoning, and plant extract/essential oil. Used in pickling, vegetables, salad dressings, breads, soups, and tomato items. Celery seed is used in celery salt, pickling and curry spice blends, and the ethnic cuisines of Germany, Italy, Russia, and the Orient. Celery Seed is useful for adding a celery flavor to foods when the "crunch" of celery is not desired.



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