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This plant is found abundantly in Egypt. Its botanical name is peganum harmala. Its common name is Syrian rue, African rue. Its Arabic name is harmal, harmala.


The ancient Egyptians used Harmala in the religious rituals as an incense.




Medicinal uses 

Harmala is a fungicidal and a bactericidal herb. It possesses abortificant, narcotic sedative, aphrodisiac,emetic, vermifuge and soporific properties. It is used for prolapse of the womb as its alkaloid stimulates the contraction of the uterus. 

The plant extract also exhibit analgesic action and can be used in fever, rheumatism, neuralgia and colic.


 Other uses

The seeds are used to produce an oil called Turkish Dye, which is used for dying carpets.


 The effect of using a large dose of harmala as a hallucinogen is a state of physical relaxation, lightheadedness and very vivid visual images with the eyes closed. Time and space perception are seriously altered.
Autonomic changes: dilated pupils, nausea, tremor, retching, increased cardio-output and blood pressure and evelation of body temperature.

The effect appear within an hour after ingestion and last five to eight hours




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