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This herb is one of the oldest herbs cultivated by the ancient Egyptians. The Egyptians knew its medicinal uses and therefore  used it in many aliments. The plant is native to Egypt from a very long time ago .Its common name is Khella or Bishopís weed. Its botanical name is Ammi Visnaga. Its Arabic name is Khella. Visnaga is also known as Ammi, Greater Ammi, Picktooth, Toothpick Weed, Daucus visnaga, False Queen Anneís Lace, honeyplant, and Spanish toothpick.



KhellaIt is also used as an Asthma remedy. It is used in many respiratory system diseases, like bronchitis, emphysema and whooping cough. Researches done in  Egypt summarized that Visnaga has a powerful antispasmodic action on smaller bronchial muscles, on coronary arteries, and on urinary tubules. Visnagaís ability to relax the small bronchi lasts for up to 6 hours and can be regarded as a safe drug.

The effect of ammi visnaga on the heart and the coronaries are also documented. - By relaxing the coronary arteries, visnaga helps to improve the blood supply to the heart muscle and thereby eases angina.

Khella improves blood supply to the myocardium and makes myocardial metabolism more efficient. The antispasmodic activity may be partially due to the calcium antagonist effect. Khella is used to treat mild forms of angina. It improves circulation in the heart muscle and gives a mild boost to the heartís pumping action.

It is also used in spasms and constriction of the gallbladder and bile duct; relieves urinary colic and facilitates discharge of urinary stones and thick mucous-pus discharge; relieves gallbladder colic and facilitates passage of gall stones. For spastic menstruation begin taking three to five days before expected period and continue until period ends.


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