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Meadow Saffron

This plant although having a beautiful purple–colored flower is highly poisonous. Its botanical name is Colchicum autumnale. Its common names are autumn crocus, naked lady.

The ancient Egyptians four thousand years ago it was already knew this plant. The Indians, Greeks, and Arabians also know it as a quite successful but, unfortunately, dangerous means of treating gout and rheumatism.




Medicinal Uses:

 The plant is a source for the drug colchinine used in gout. The Colchicum is valued for its medicinal properties. The parts used are the root and seeds, these being anti-rheumatic, cathartic, and emetic.

It is sometimes used in treatment of Familial Mediterranean fever.


Caution: This plant is poisonous. Do not take unless supervised by your physician.
Warning: Ingestion of any part of the plant may cause death. The bulb may be mistaken for an onion. Symptoms are a burning sensation in the throat and vomiting, followed by kidney and respiratory failure. Toxic signs are nausea, excessive vomiting and bloody diarrhea, abdominal pain, weak arrhythmic pulse, low body temperature, shortage of breath and, eventually, death.



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