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Sesame seed

Sesame seed was used by the Egyptians as a medicine as early as 1500 B.C. Its botanical name is Sesamum indicum. Its common name is Benne seed. Its Arabic name is Semsem while sesame oil is called Tahina.Sesame is the dried, oval-shaped seed of the annual herb Sesamum indicum, which grows well in hot climates. Sesame Seed is harvested by hand. And it is a crop grown primarily for its oil-rich seeds. Sesame Seed is the most commonly produced seed and contains 25 % protein.The seeds also come in more exotic forms, such as the black, brown, and red varieties.


Medicinal uses: Sesame is supposed to tonify kidney, liver and relax the bowel. It is used for the treatment of constipation due to hard stools, tinnitus, anaemia, dizziness and poor vision. Sesame oil is mildly laxative, emollient and demulcent. The seeds and fresh leaves may be used as a poultice. The oil has wide medical and pharmaceutical application.


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